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What kind of swimsuit should I get?

Question by Greg: What kind of swimsuit should I get?
I’m a 17 year old crossdressing guy I’m a slim build just under 6 feet and 160 pounds about 10% body fat and not enough muscle that I look like a guy I can tuck really well and it is unnoticeable I also have breast forms that look great
Should I get a one or two piece and a skirted bikini or thong bottom and a bandeau string tankini or monokini top I don’t know a whole lot about girls bathing suits so please give me any tips

Best answer:

Answer by M
Hmm according to your build, if your tall and lanky, a bikini would probably be great! If you want to get the illusion of curves, get a bikini top with ruffles (or use those breast forms).

A monokini would end up making you look taller and skinnier and less feminine.

Also, you can always use a a body bronzer in your skin tone. Many women use it to contour their bodies to look more chiseled, but you can use it to add curves.

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Where can I get this monokini?

Question by Elizabeth: Where can I get this monokini?
I’ve had my eye on this monokini for a while now. Here’s the url:

It does not have to be this color but it came out a year ago and I don’t think they have it in Walmart anymore.
Where can I buy it?

Best answer:

Answer by Denavia
Try OldNavy, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, or other places similar.

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