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My mom made me dress Like a girl?

Question by Tyler: My mom made me dress Like a girl?
Okay my Mom found my brothers Playboy Magazine And asked us who it was and my brother blamed me I tried to explain it to my mom But She took Me to Victoria Secret she bought me Some Thongs(Yes Thongs),Small Panties,Make Up,And Some bikinis(Slingshot,String Bikini,And i think Its called a Microkini)She also bought me a training bra For P.E And she made Me buy them And had A girl Help Me She Is Making me go to school Like this She Said That she is Going To buy me some High Heels and Pants,Shorts,Shirts And something called a shelf bra and Worst she is Going to make me wear a G String and Put A wig On me.She said That she was going To sign Me up For Cheer Leading Please Help
But it wasent me it was my brothers magizine

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Answer by Will
Hahahahahahahaha don’t do itttttttt!!!!!

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7 Responses to “My mom made me dress Like a girl?”

  • I'm 12 and what is this:

    Haha, it looks like your mom is just trying to teach you a lesson. I think she’s just trying to make you not look at those types of magazines. It’s probably nothing serious o.o
    Don’t over react either, she’s just teaching you a lesson xD
    Good luck dude.

  • Lonita:

    Go to bed TROLL

  • Erica B:

    That’s messed up!Tell someone and explain to your mom when you get a chance.Wow that’s disturbing

  • The Oreogasm:

    The girls in those magazines are actually men. Mothers all over the globe submit pictures of their kids dressed as girls into Playboy and then Playboy publishes the pictures. It’s normal, my mother did it to me.

  • Psp Rules:

    just accept it man the girls will like it!but tell everyone at school your brother is acualy a woman!hahabut its not bad bein dressed as a girl

  • tom:

    mom knows best

  • Michael R:

    if your brothers clothes fit you wear those to school if they dont plant one of his playboys in one of his drawers so when you mom puts clothes away she will find it or even better if you can get a hidden camera plant it in his room so whe he pulls it out you have evidence and show it to her then she will most likely give hime 2x the punishment

    if all else fails tell her it will never happen again and sometimes boys have certain “urges”

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