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Hot models in Micro Bikini

Hot models in Micro Bikini

Article by Bruno Sp

Where are the beaches with hot models in micro bikini this summer? I’m curious because every time I go to a famous beach I see a lot of children with mothers in one piece swimsuits or tankinis, but to see a hot model in micro bikini off a screen seems impossible. After a short Sunday morning research on YouTube I decided to share my findings with you. The main problem for a voyeur is that most pictures of the Internet of hot girls are simply pics of models from photo sessions. And what about reality? Does reality exists?

Under the code watch?v=u6tJQVnn5PA I’ve found something really funny. A guy and a 20 year old beauty in a micro bikini on the beach. They speak English, Spanish and a little Italian also. I couldn’t find any characteristic sign in this movie to know where were located, but finally… they said it: Bahamas!

In St. Marteen (St. Martin?) looks like hundreds of Latinas are waiting for all kinds of propositions. To swim, to go around, to drink juice, you know.

Looking for beaches under watch?v=iYkaZ-0GAvo&feature=related I’ve found everything but a beach. A hot Japanese model in a micro bikini dancing in a night club. Music was quite awful, but her body in oil… It seems that it’s easier to find a girl in a micro bikini in a club than one on a beach in Japan.

Seeing a bikini contest on Cocoa Beach I guess this is the place to go. By the way – do you know where is it? I don’t. Australia? California? Florida?

My final recommendation: Ipanema Beach in Brazil. Where is it? It doesn’t matter. There are so many beaches in Brazil with real beauties, that it doesn’t matter if you go to Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Sao Paulo, or any other place. It’s much easier to find girls speaking Spanish or Portuguese than English in this game of finding a beach with hot models in a micro bikini.

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